The Drum Studio

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Mike Small

From the age of nine I became obsessed with learning to play the drums and took every opportunity I could to play, starting with playing in the school brass band and then moving onto playing drum kit when I was 13. I joined my first band when I was 14 and a few years later ending up playing at Glastonbury Festival twice and other nationwide venues and clubs. The sound we created was a mixture of psychedelic ska and punk rock. It was a real buzz writing and producing our own songs; a single even made it to a play list in the States.

I then moved on to play with a Blues band which was set up for a laugh, but went on to become a bit of a local legend, we also played at university venues and parties purely for fun.

I then formed a band with two Digeridoo players, a keyboard player, a bassist and a DJ, at the time it was described as tribal ambient Dub, but whatever it was labelled, people loved to dance to it. The music was improvised and would take on a life of its own metamorphosing into an exciting and electric mix.

“Mike the Drummer” (or in our case, the Teacher)
Easy to describe: personable, positive and patient. Mike has been coaching our six year old for some time now and has provided a fun and relaxed environment to encourage a youngster to enjoy the learning process. He is always ready to smile and his approach to teaching makes a child want to learn. He sets targets which are realistic and rewards their achievement with praise.

My son started with Mike and Tom aged five after he expressed an interest in drums.
Thanks to Tom and Mike, he enjoys it more than ever and has progressed excellently.
He is now seven and he loves his sessions at the drum studio and can read and play to music.
The sessions are fun and enjoyable which is the main thing for kids.
Two brilliant friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and excellent teachers!
Thanks for helping my son achieve his dreams.

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Chris Barker

I first got behind the kit aged of 12 and instantly knew that it was the instrument for me. There was something about the raw qualities it possessed that intrigued my younger self. I joined my first band when I was 15 and haven't stopped gigging since.

The enjoyment I experienced through drumming led me to study it at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music at age 18. My mind was further opened in this time and I was allowed to network and play with some of the best musicians around. I found myself being put forward for the Institute's session musician list within the first term, this enabled me many further musical opportunities and I soon found myself living the life of a professional musician playing gigs far and wide.

The consistency of my musical adventures has allowed me to experience and explore a vast array of styles such as funk, pop, heavy metal, ska, Motown, reggae, disco and all that lies in-between. I have been lucky enough to play gigs all over the UK and even as far away as Asia.

Alongside my musical life as a player I also began to take on students and have now been teaching for over six years. It is something which fills me with much joy and I take every opportunity to promote confidence and personality behind the kit. My current musical ventures are:

Charlie Melrose A wonderful upcoming singer-songwriter with lots of videos soon to be released

- Got Milk? A local covers band playing pubs, weddings and events.