The Drum Studio

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When I was nine years old Jim Henson discovered an amazing drummer called Animal and put him centre stage in a wicked band, I was hooked.

I became obsessed with learning to play the drums and took every opportunity I could to play, starting with playing in the school brass band and then moving onto playing drum kit when I was 13.

I joined my first band when I was 14 and a few years later ending up playing at Glastonbury Festival twice and other nation-wide venues and clubs. The sound we created was a mixture of psychedelic scar and punk rock. It was a real buzz writing and producing our own songs; a single even made it to a play list in the States.

I then moved on to play with a Blues band which was set up for a laugh, but went on to become a bit of a local legend, we also played at university venues and parties purely for fun.

I then formed a band with two Digeridoo players, a keyboard player, a bassist and a DJ, at the time it was described as tribal ambient Dub, but whatever it was labelled, people loved to dance to it. The music was improvised and would take on a life of its own metamophosising into and exciting and electric mix.